Red Nose Day

Year 1 are excited about Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day this Friday!

In our assembly last week we watched Hassan’s moving story. Check it out below:

Money raised this week will go to support great causes both here and abroad such as those which helped Hassan. Children are invited to come to school on Friday wearing red or non-uniform if they prefer. Children who have red noses may bring them into the academy on Friday if they wish to but we suggest they are named in some way and also that they know their nose will be their responsibility for the day. It’s going to be a fun day!

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New Reading Scheme

Thank you for the positive feedback about our new reading scheme. 🙂 Just to clarify that children are expected to bring the book they have been given to read with them to school each day so that they can then choose another one for themselves. Please read with your child every night – once the book is finished they may bring it in and change it in class, preferably every day.

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Welcome To The Year 1 Blog!

A very warm welcome (especially to Elm parents and carers) to our new Year 1 blog! Although the address says Beech we are now a joint blog. We hope to use the blog to set Blog Challenges for you to do at home if your child would like to, let you know what we are learning in Year 1 and celebrate super pieces of work. We always welcome interaction with parents/carers on the blog so feel free to post a comment at any time!

Let the Year 1 blog begin!

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Maths Learning This Week

Our maths learning this week is learning to read and write numbers from 0 to 100 in digits and words. We are working hard to achieve this skill!


Can you write these words in numbers?

Seventy – five
Sixty – four
eighty – nine
thirty – three
twenty – nine
ninety – one

Can you write these numbers in words?


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World Book Day Photos

We loved World Book Day – here is us in our outfits for the day (including Mr Bright and Mrs Wright!)

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Designing Our Own Vehicles

We’ve enjoyed using chalks recently to create our own vehicles. Some of our designs flew, others were water-based while others were perfect for the road. It’s been great enjoying the improved weather making conditions for outdoor learning perfect!

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Trains Of The Future

Beech have been exploring trains of the future. We’ve had some interesting discussions about the Crossrail project being built beneath the streets of London and the HS2 line about to be built near us here in Garforth. We’ve even been imagining what trains might look like – here is what Zuzia, Reilly and Jack C reckon trains will look like in the future.


Research the HS2 and Crossrail construction projects – what facts can you find out about them?


By the time the HS2 line is build most children in Beech will have just turned 21! As for Mr Bright, he will be… then!!

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A BIG Thank You!!

Thank you so much Beech parents and grandparents for your support of World Book Day today. We had a super time learning about the different characters in Roald Dahl’s wonderful books. The children looked brilliant – so much creativity and variety on show! I appreciate the amount of thought, time and effort that goes into a day like today so thank you. We had lots of James and the Giant Peach activities in our provision areas and learnt about the characters and key events in our chosen book. I hope it will encourage the children to not only explore Roald Dahl books further but most of all deepen their love of reading.

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Celebrating Positive Behaviour!

Beech won a lunchtime behaviour award last week – well done boys and girls! That’s great to hear you are doing so well in your lunchtimes playing together.

p.s – can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow in your Roald Dahl character outfits!!

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Pancake Day!

Our Year 1 assembly today focused on Lent (including Ash Wednesday) and why it is an important time of year for Christians. We learnt that they often give something up for forty days like Jesus did in the wilderness. In last week’s assembly we learnt about Shrove Tuesday and some amazing facts about Pancake Day. Check them out below:

Enjoy your pancakes everyone!!


What adjectives (describing words) can you use to describe how your pancakes were? On a sheet of paper please – ‘yummy’ is not allowed!!! Any others welcome…


We talked about a great Lent initiative called ’40 Acts’. Worth checking out – If you don’t fancy giving something up for Lent then why not do the generosity challenge by doing 40 kind and generous things to others in the lead up to Easter? Below is the family wall chart which can be found at the address above:

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